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You can help other vehicle buyers by writing a review about your experience– especially when it’s good– to let others know the dealership and employees care for their customers.

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Here are a few questions that might help:

– How did you find us?
– Did you buy a new or a used vehicle? What make and model?
– Which store did you buy our vehicle from?
-Who was your salesperson?
– Did our dealership meet your expectations?
– Was there someone on our team who really impressed you?
– Have you bought a car from us before?
– Would you recommend us to your friends/family?

To make the process easier, we’ve included examples below:

“I had a great experience with my salesperson, Kevin (Gator) Burlin!!! He represented me extremely well in the negotiating process and was always looking out for me. I purchased a used non-Hyundai car from O’Brien and their service department was amazing, making sure everything was perfect with my used car!! I would absolutely recommend the dealership and working with Kevin to anyone!! They have built a repeat customer!!”

“I was listened to at O’Brien Hyundai of Normal. I was guided and helped from start to finish and the salesman that reached out to me after my inquiry, Steve Bowers, was great in helping me through the process and helping me find the right option for me. I am thankful that there are still nice people like Steve in this business.”

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